Each project we handle includes a comprehensive package of services that ensure each aspect of your project goes smoothly. Below you can see an overall description of these services.

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Manufacturing in China offers considerable savings opportunities. Our clients are gaining the average of 30% cost savings in their sourcing after shifting their manufacturing operations to us. If the FOB China value of your Purchase Order exceeds € 50,000 / $ 70,000 you may find it rational having your products manufactured in China. In order to gain the desired savings purchase volumes must be high enough as:
  • Local quality manufacturers are making mass production for the whole world and they are not eager to accept small orders.
  • The larger the quantity the less it costs to ship per unit.
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Quality Control

In China, on-site quality control (QC) is the key to successful purchasing. Should you plan to buy something from China one of the first things you must decide is how to arrange local QC for your products.

You can sleep your nights assured that someone is watching and monitoring your production 24/7. Our QC teams are fully committed to each project and spend their whole time on site until the goods have been approved and shipped. We also welcome you to visit our production site personally and see to it that everything is as agreed.

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During the years we have found reliable local brokers who are working diligently as our partners and making sure that your cargo will be shipped on time. Based on our experience this is the cheapest, fastest, and most reliable way to handle your shipment. Those who choose to use their own brokers often lose the flexibility that we have and not only that; but time and money as well. Letting us take care of the logistics you have more time to focus on your core business.
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Let us find a suitable production site for you in China. Our local sourcing team has more than fifteen years’ sourcing experience in China. They have been benchmarking thousands of sites during their careers and will surely find a great one for you.
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Should you have a group of people that is interested in learning how to do business in China or hearing about our experiences in Chinese working environment please contact us. We can tailor you a seminar or speech that answers to your questions or possibly raises even more questions.
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Do you need legal consultancy? Do you want to set up a company in China? We provide various types of consulting projects that will help you reach your goals! Contact us and let us help you get the best out of China!