What is your actual presence in China?

We are currently located in Shenzhen, China. We have direct access to the production facilities that best meet the needs of your project.

Do you speak Chinese?

We speak Mandarin, Finnish and English too!

Are you planning to relocate out of China?

We feel China is growing and developing faster than any other place in the world, it's an exciting place to be right now!

What is the biggest challenge in China?

Many of those foreign to China and it's people face difficulties in bridging the language and communication gap. Several problems are merely misunderstandings. But we're here to help!

Is China getting too expensive now?

Many people think China is getting more expensive and it is true that everyday life has become more expensive in big cities. However, China is a big country and some areas are more expensive than others. If you are willing to go inland you can find cheaper prices. We know who does what best and for the lowest price!